Chefs have gotten quite an exciting and colourful reputation throughout the years.


There are vague insinuations on becoming one and on a typical working life that a chef leads.

Here are just 3 of the many things that are often misunderstood about chefs. 


1. Chefs don’t need formal education.


Because cooking is an activity that almost everyone can do, it is easy to believe that anyone can also take on this profession with any study.

Chefs are now getting considered to be artists, sometimes even rockstars, but chefs do more than cooking. This job’s technical aspects benefit from formal education and training, such as budgeting, planning, and more. Culinary schools provide the foundational information needed to accomplish the creative and business aspects of the craft. Examples are selecting a cuisine, creating recipes, picking complementary dishes, sourcing the best possible ingredients within a tight budget, choosing reliable suppliers for those ingredients, training other chefs to prepare dishes, pricing the dish, and many more. These are some of the tasks that those without a culinary arts education end up failing. 

It can take years to get anywhere near the Executive Chef position when working your way up in a restaurant. But some culinary arts programs can be completed in as little as 15 months, which means you can get started pursuing your dreams as a chef even sooner.

Proper culinary education can also open doors for other career opportunities such as private chefs, nutritionists, food scientists, food writers, etc. 


2. The chef’s kitchen is like a reality TV show.


Ah, the rise of reality TV is both a boost and a bane to the culinary world. 

Reality cooking shows have placed artful gastronomy at the forefront leading to a boom in restaurants, cafes and food trucks. It encouraged many aspiring individuals to study culinary arts to explore a hidden passion in cooking and the hope of becoming TV stars.

However, the depiction of chefs on TV has given the impression that a kitchen is a place for plain chaos and drama. You’d be surprised that most working kitchens have highly organized, clean and efficient chefs and staff. Most kitchens have a well planned and structured daily operation that enables them to serve out quality food to guests without complications. Discipline and control are requirements, but it makes for gratifying results. 

But language is another thing.  The conversations inside most working kitchens are direct, which can be often misunderstood as rude. Let’s talk more about it below.


3. Chefs are rude


The kind of directness required in a working kitchen environment is often mistaken as rudeness. 

The result of education and experience usually results in chefs being able to look at the bigger picture. They know that if a team member falls one step behind and no immediate action is done to address it, the whole line can come to a standstill. This results in escalating ticket times, which then results in angry customers and an irate chef. Chefs issue short commands which should be followed because any stall in a working operational sequence may have consequences affecting the business. Seconds save minutes. 

The language in most working kitchens may at times be crass. It can be a  result from the tension charged working atmosphere, or there may be a need to immediately call someone’s attention or make urgent corrections. There is pressure to serve the right and quality food on time, and it leaves no room for messing around. Everyone in the kitchen needs to be on alert to ensure that things get done timely.

As in life, every individual has their personality, and stress can bring out the not so nice in people. With working long hours (try 16 sometimes) every day, the pressure can build up. However, this explanation does not intend to pardon any nasty behaviour that some chefs have. Although our times now make it easier to call out any toxic working behaviour, kitchen relationships and culture can still welcome more positive adjustments. 


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In Summary:

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