Short-term hire chefs are saving graces for food business owners or event organisers who need valuable staffing support.


 Short-term hire chefs can save you from headaches and stress, whether you need someone in place of your regular hire on leave or just a few hours. Other reasons to hire them are when opening new food venues, conducting food events or handling high demands in business.


And because of the nature of their employment with you, here are five things to remember when you work with short term hire chefs.


1. Negotiate directly with the chef staffing agency 


Deal directly with the staffing agency when negotiating a contract for the short term hire chef and not with the chef. The agency can vet for their talents and be more likely to provide you with one who matches your requirements. This is a service that we at Anytime Chefs is proud of. We understand the needs of business owners and other chefs because we are chefs ourselves. Our roster of professional talents comprises qualified chefs with seven years of experience working autonomously. We ensure that the chef we provide can add value to your business.

Negotiating with the agency ensures that the chefs understand that their role is temporary. As a result of years and years of tradition, the traditional way of hiring a chef sometimes come with expectations that the employment can lead to a long term one, even if a clear endpoint has been defined. 

Chef staffing agencies also specialise in scheduling and coordinating such short term jobs with professional availability. They can provide you with experienced chefs who are available on times and dates that you need them. Dealing directly with the agency centralises the whole aspect of hiring short term hire chefs from beginning to end. 

Ensure that you have a provision protecting you from liability for a temp’s behaviour or actions. 


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2. Help the short term hire chefs focus on what you hired them for


Working with different employers offers advantages and disadvantages to the short term hired employee. The variety can either reinforce confidence or cause confusion.

Like in other fields, short term hire employees are more productive when they are made to feel like part of the team. You want your short term hire chefs to do what they do best. Therefore, any assistance in other work areas to help lessen confusion and anxiety will always be good. 

You can hand out orientation sheets with answers to frequently asked questions, particularly when implementing crucial kitchen policies. 

You can buddy up the short term hire chef with a regular staff for a while until the latter has familiarised themselves enough to conduct their task independently. 


3. Confidentiality agreements


A confidentiality agreement or Nondisclosure agreement (NDA) is a legally binding contract in which a person or business guarantees to keep specific trade secret information and not divulge such information without proper authorisation.

The nature of their short term employment suggests that their access to propriety data should be limited. Protect intellectual property by having them sign confidentiality agreements before they start. 


4. Strengthen your team culture


Frequent working with short-term hire chefs may cause internal conflicts that can weaken your team culture if not given proper attention. Some may say temp hires have no vested interest in the success of a company.. While some will argue that temp hires are more productive since long term employees can get complacent due to job security. 

It is your responsibility to manage all staff, whether short term or long term, in a way that everyone is motivated and driven to succeed. 


5. Be mindful of legalities.


Hiring short term hire chefs may not require you to comply with some customary employment laws. However, it presents an entirely different set of issues. For example, short term hires chefs who stay in assignments for six months and beyond — may be entitled to the same benefits as long term hire staff. Therefore, you must know the applicable rules and commit to them to ensure legal compliance. Consult an attorney about legal compliance issues.


In Summary:

Working with short-term hire chefs comes with both pros and cons. As business owners, you need to have clear expectations with the chef staffing agency and the actual staff. Working with well-reputed chef staffing agencies who specialise in relief chefs can help avoid those issues. 

Anytime Chefs has worked with various restaurants and venues all over Perth and Western Australia,  and we are committed to doing our best to find you the right person to support you over time.


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