Chef recruitment is one of the biggest challenges facing the hospitality industry. Employee turnover has always posed a problem for most food business owners.


Retaining chefs is a challenge, but sometimes, it helps when you start things right with your hiring process. 

Finding great kitchen talents can require innovation and creativity. So for your subsequent chef recruitment, check out these best practices to help you find the very best chef talent.


1. Work with a reputable chef agency.


And why not?

Chef agencies provide excellent support to every business owner by providing talent for short-term or permanent hires. And their support continues beyond securing jobs for chefs and beyond providing the needed staff to seeking businesses. 

Chef agencies make hiring chefs easy by taking in the stress of finding and matching the right chef to suit your needs. 

Can you imagine running a busy kitchen operation day when one or two of your kitchen staff fail to show up? Chef agencies can provide you with a rapid solution to this problem. Working with a chef agency can save potential profit loss and prevent potential consumer complaints. 


2. Make your company appealing to job seekers.


Technology has made it convenient for anybody to look up a company’s activity, culture and reputation online. Recruitment is a two-way street, with the company and job seeker looking at how they can contribute to each other’s success. 

Your company’s image plays a significant role in attracting job seekers, and the better reputation you have, the better chances of getting better talents knocking on your door. To the right chef, your company’s reputation can be prioritised over how much and other benefits you offer. 

Be mindful of your online presence and reputation. Check on your present Staff concerning job satisfaction and take a closer look at the working environment that you provide. Most significantly, take a hard look at the working culture within your company. Do you have a supportive culture that promotes your employees well being? Is there a particular employee that creates toxic tension with the rest of the Staff?

A word can quickly get around, and you want the right ones out there.


3. Use Social Media


Undoubtedly, social media has a profound and massive impact on every user. As a result, it has become an effective tool for businesses to reach out to target customers. 

Get your social media game up to par to:

  • Create ads to promote your company to attract new hires. Various social media platforms have distinct algorithms that put suitable ads to people most likely to consume what they offer.
  • Use social media to connect with chefs. Facebook is an excellent resource for chef groups to join and tap into. Be considerate of the group rules in terms of posting and hiring, which again can reflect on the way you handle business. Other platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are also good resources. 


4. Ask around


There is more to life beyond online life. 

It is wise to make your online adverts attractive to job seekers, but not all chefs spend time online. Many better chefs are currently in jobs and not applying to ads. 

Consider using your network and ask for referrals or recommendations. Ask any of your Staff or suppliers for suitable candidates. Or they can again use social media to help spread the word around. 


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5. Build your talent pool


Think ahead.

You may not need kitchen talents right now, or people may not be interested at the moment but consider them as candidates for the future. 

Please keep a record of chefs and other kitchen talents you have met and use it to connect with them when needed. 

Hopefully, you have developed a good impression for them to consider your offer. 


In Summary:


A lot has happened and changed in the industry, and it is wise to adapt your approach to hiring chefs in keeping with these changes. 

And if you are looking for skilled chefs and kitchen staff based in Perth and Western Australia for your staffing needs, give us a call at Anytime Staff.

Count on us to ensure you have the right help at the right time, anytime you need it. Forget the stress and headaches of finding the right chef.

Let us find the right candidate for your business so that you can save valuable time and focus on what makes your customers happy and makes you money!

We have a roster of professional chefs and kitchen staff that are available as short-term hires for :

  • peak periods
  • events/private parties and celebrations/pizza chefs
  • fill in for an emergency or annual leaves
  • start-up team for opening venues  

As part of our team, we have polite, professional Kitchen Stewards to assist you in cleaning and organising your kitchens. 

Anytime Staff can also assist you in looking for permanent hires by facilitating your recruitment process.

We also offer a Consulting Service to assist you in opening or running the cafe or restaurant of your dreams.


That’s it for this week.

As always, professional chefs are on call at Anytime Staff!

Ciao for now,


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