Kitchen layouts say a lot about your business more than you know.


An efficient kitchen layout reflects well thought out plan with the kitchen workflow and working environment in mind.

So far, the previous blogs talked about the Assembly Line Layout, the Island Layout, the Zone Style layout, respectively. All three commercial kitchen layout examples have their pros and cons, which you need to weigh when choosing a kitchen layout for your commercial space. 

This week, let’s talk all about the Galley Layout.


What is the Galley Layout?


The Galley layout is a narrow layout where stations and equipment are located along two parallel walls making space for a central walkway. It is sometimes called a corridor kitchen because of the narrow aisle that makes up its main traffic lane. 


Who benefits from this layout?

  • Small or tiny kitchens can benefit from this layout. With all the working areas pushed along two sides of the wall, the space in the middle serves as the space for walking and movement.  
  • Galley layouts can also be suitable for medium-sized kitchens. However, be mindful of the distance between the parallel working areas since if spaced too far apart, the kitchen will lose its efficiency. It is not always feasible to have a full-sized kitchen island in this layout, but a mobile island situated at the end of the kitchen can be a good compromise. 
  • Kitchens with minimal staff will be able to move with minimal restrictions. Because of the small space, the galley kitchen is typically more ergonomically designed, with the main work areas and items grouped together or around each other. This setup makes walking toward or reaching for things between the refrigerator, stove/oven, and sink kept to a minimum. The primary kitchen services such as water, electrical, and gas are clustered in the same area. If you have two or more people working at the same time, space could feel tight. 
  • This layout can be cost-effective. Countertop space is limited since there are limited base cabinets. And because the countertops and cabinets are one of the more expensive elements in the kitchen, it is less expensive than other layouts. In addition, there is less need to purchase kitchen flooring because of the smaller floor space.


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In Summary:

The Galley layout is a layout that can make the most of a small or narrow space with all stations and equipment on the perimeter of the kitchen. For some commercial business, such as a food truck, this can be the only option. 

An efficient restaurant kitchen layout and workflow can make a world of difference to the quality of food and service you deliver and your staff’s well-being. 

If you are based in Perth or WA and needs assistance in creating an efficient workflow in your kitchen, give us a call and let us help you make the cafe or restaurant of your dreams.


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