Kitchen layouts say a lot about your business more than you know.


An efficient kitchen layout reflects well thought out plan with the kitchen workflow and working environment in mind.

The previous blogs talked about the Assembly Line Layout and the Island Layout, respectively. These two types of the layout have their pros and cons, which you need to weigh when choosing a kitchen layout for your commercial space. 

This week, let’s talk all about the Zone Style Layout.


What is the Zone Style Layout?


As the name indicates, the Zone Style Layout is a layout where different zones or stations are created within the kitchen where each zone is designated to a type of activity such as baking or frying.


Who benefits from this layout?


  • The chef may find this setup helpful in accessing the rest of the team and supervising the activities. The main set of equipment are situated along the walls, with the centre of the kitchen free and open, making it easy to communicate and oversee tasks.
  • Restaurants with a comprehensive offering of menu selections or more extensive operations such as catering, event spaced kitchen, hotel restaurants. The setup allows the chef and kitchen team to prepare different types of dishes at the same time.
  • Restaurants with bigger kitchens can accommodate this layout. The open spaces between section can increase and improve the flow of the kitchen.
  • Because of the repeated tasks required, a kitchen team member can achieve mastery at a faster pace. And mastery often leads to speedier dish preparation and efficiency in operation. A kitchen team member, say a cook, who has mastery of a given task can then be asked to handle another job which can be helpful when there is a problem in staffing.


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How does it work?


In a zone style layout, the kitchen functions are separated through zones/blocks/stations. How the stations are assigned depends on what use you have for it. You can make one station dedicated for the food prepping and one area for dishwashing. 

Another way to assign stations is by dividing them based on the scale of preparation or cooking for the dishes you serve. For example, the grilling section is in one area, and frying is nearby in a separate area with the equivalent cooking equipment needed for the task.

To achieve a good workflow, assign the stations in order of work sequence – first is the storage area, then the food preparation and cooking area, then the dishwashing area. 

You can also assign one station for salad, one station for meats…and so on.


In Summary:

The Zone Layout is an excellent layout for restaurants with ample space and a comprehensive menu offering. The kitchen is set up in stations with a designated activity assigned in each. 

An efficient restaurant kitchen layout and workflow can make a world of difference to the quality of food and service you deliver and your staff’s well-being. 

If you are based in Perth or WA and needs assistance in creating an efficient workflow in your kitchen, give us a call and let us help you make the cafe or restaurant of your dreams.


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