Opening a new venue? Seeking consulting services for your new venue can be great for your business.


The competition in the food and hospitality industry is tight, and many businesses are always coming up.

This is why it is wise to be proactive and work with experts in the early stages of your business to prepare you for potential issues. 

How do consulting services provide help?


Identify existing and potential issues.


Consulting services, by their service, have a form of expertise in their field. They have already worked with similar businesses and have dealt with issues that typically happen so that you can benefit from their expertise. 

Sometimes, especially for first-time business owners, you can get fixated on certain aspects of your business, such as menu and aesthetics. The other areas are given different attention. 

When you work with consulting services, you are given insights into what expectations you should have when your business is fully running. These insights can help you plan for potential challenges and prepare accordingly, reducing the risk of failures. 

Consulting services can also give you a fresh perspective on running your business. It is common for business owners to have familiarity fatigue that they fail to see when change is already needed. Or they may avoid change if they believe their present formula is still working. They may need to realise they can be even more successful and stable.


Keep food costs in control:


Controlling food costs plays a massive part in the success of any business in the hospitality industry. It is the hub where you base your menu pricing and achieve profitability targets. 

Consulting services can help you have better control over your food costs. They can recommend techniques and systems that you can use, whether manual or automated. 


Source suitable suppliers for outstanding products.


In this age of heightened appreciation for quality food and presentation, sourcing suitable suppliers is critical.  

Consulting services can help you compare your suppliers’ prices or determine who else might be a better fit over time.

If this is an area that you find challenging, consulting services can make recommendations or directly connect you to suppliers from their network. Because they already have a roster of suppliers they trust, you can choose who to go forward with. The final decision will still be up to you, but at least you will be presented with options compared to your struggle of looking for one. 


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Create procedures for your daily operations.


Any new venue must have systems to achieve efficiency in its operations, making it profitable as the end goal. Systems allow businesses to handle operations such as managing employees, sourcing ingredients, documentation, cleaning and sanitation, etc.  

Consulting services can help you create systems and procedures that are personalised to you. And when they are personalised, you have a better chance of having everyone be compliant with them. When everyone is compliant, there is a better chance of achieving consistency.


In Summary:


Successful venues continue beyond successful openings. After the opening, the work goes on, and it is never done. 

Seeking consulting services when the business becomes challenging or stale can be the extra support you need to give your new venue the best opportunity to survive and thrive. 

And if you are looking for a reliable company to consult for opening or running your venue, call us at Anytime Staff.

We provide staffing and consulting services to hospitality industry businesses in Perth and Western Australia. 

We collaborate with you to create an efficient kitchen logistics plan so that you can manage your venue effectively, have clarity about how your venue works and centralised control over your daily operations. We can create cost-effective recipes that your clientele will love, as well as create all of the procedures that are so important to ensure consistency in your service and bring your restaurant or cafe to the next level. On top of that, we will create a seasonal menu, organise the suppliers, and try to get better products or prices.


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