Are you looking for an exciting activity for your next team building?

The recent Covid-19 lockdown has presented unique challenges for businesses. Business owners and managers who are remotely working with their staff are pressed to recreate a vibe that will sustain the working momentum they’ve had before the pandemic hit. On top of promoting good mental health of employees, they also have to ensure that a supportive working relationship is maintained between each and every one.

And now that most businesses have reopened, many business owners and managers are considering having team building activities to reconnect, reenforce teamwork, unity and camaraderie.

And where there is gathering, food should not be far away, which is why cooking classes are a stimulating option to promote all of those elements in your team.

There are various approach and components in a cooking class, and you need to look for a provider who can personalize it to suit your team’s needs and interests. Here in Perth and WA, Anytime Chefs has recently begun offering Pizza and Pasta cooking classes under the helm of professional Italian Chefs and the response has been excellent.

Here’s how cooking classes can support your goals in your next team building:

1. The practical learning is applicable in personal life

The pandemic has taught all of us to go back to basics. Food preparation and cooking are vital survival skills, and they have been put in the forefront due to the ban on public dining and the hesitation to order takeout meals.

Cooking classes can provide the basic knowledge to an employee with no cooking experience or provide excitement and flair to an employee who already knows their ways in the kitchen. The ability to create meals can be shared in their own families and personal relationships.

The gift of mastering their first real dish can lead them to a new hobby or passion in the years ahead. Now that is a gift that keeps on giving.

2. Allow a more in-depth reintroduction among colleagues

The ease of the lockdown presents a different level of “Getting To Know You” phase among colleagues. It’s like reintroducing them to each other once again.

Not only does team-building reconnect new colleagues to the more senior ones, but it also provides an extra and possibly deeper glimpse into each employee’s character. After all, when a team understands each other’s strengths and weaknesses, they are solidly able to tackle projects together.

They may discover or reinforce traits as a result of a cooking class.

For example, creativity, artistry, finesse and eye for details can manifest in the way they prepare and present the food. Not to mention how they execute cleanliness and sanitation throughout the class.

Competitiveness: A cooking class does not typically invoke competition compared with other culinary challenges. But some people naturally rise to the occasion. It can be as simple as not wanting to be the one presenting the worst dish or it may manifest as banters among each other during the class.

And many more…

3. Build stronger bonds among employees

A cooking class can promote social interaction with each other about something else other than work. And when people discover common interests, the connection forged can extend outside of work, enabling them to relate personally to one another not just as a colleague. This connection can help them understand each other better, which boosts their team’s productivity and effectiveness.

When team members enjoy each other’s company, they can communicate more effectively.


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In Summary:

Cooking classes provide the opportunity for non-food based industry employees to learn about each other in the guise of food preparation. It promotes a stronger connection and boosts productivity as they whip delicious meals together.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

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