The easing of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown laws is being felt all over the country.

At the moment, it is legally allowed for ten people to gather publicly and privately. And come May 18th, the restriction will adjust, even more, allowing up to 20 people to gather.

While it is still prudent that each and everyone remains mindful of the safety measures to protect oneself from the Coronavirus, some people are ready to socialise again with other people physically.

Are you planning to host an intimate party at your house? Maybe a few of your closest friends or relatives? Or perhaps with a loved one? Consider hiring a private Chef!

Our short term Chef staffing agency here in Perth, Anytime Chefs, also offers private Chef services. I had clients who have been previously hesitant due to budget constraints and an overall lack of information. But, after getting the assistance of one of our Chefs, they can’t think of a better way of hosting their next parties.

Here are some advantages to this:

1. Hiring a private Chef can be cost-efficient for you.

I will start with this one because let’s be honest – PRICE and BUDGET are the first and significant things that every event host considers.

Sure, hiring a private Chef can be positively considered as a status symbol. But gone are the days, when private Chefs exclusively belong to the wealthy, the elite and fancy. Many private Chefs are very flexible and considerate of the hosts budget.

When you prepare your food, you tend to make more than is necessary. This is the direct result of the fear of running out of food. You end up with loads of leftovers after your party.

On the other hand, you can end up experiencing the nightmare of every host – actually running out of food!

The usual solution is to have someone run to the nearest restaurant or store to order something or perhaps dial in a delivery. Either way, you are creating an unplanned expenditure, which can be costly. Worse, you experience embarrassment.

Hopefully, your guests are cool with such situations, but what if you are hosting important people like your boss or distinguished guests.

If you have professional assistance, you will be able to be efficient with your costs because a Chef knows how to create a menu based on your budget.

2. Hiring a private Chef ensures you serve the best quality of food.

Hiring a private Chef means that restaurant-quality meals will be served to you and your guests.
Such a fantastic way to wow them!

Plus, you will ensure that foods are served at the ideal temperature:
Hot foods are served hot and cold foods are served cold.

Some Chefs have the food prepared ahead in a separate location, such as in a commissary, and then brought to your house vacuum sealed. They will then finish up the meal either through final cooking or just garnishing.

3. Hiring a private Chef will enable you to serve different cuisines.

You will likely be able to serve unique creations that you would never have come up within the first place.

Most private Chefs can prepare pretty much any dinner cuisine- the more traditional Italian and French cuisines or the more exotic Caribbean cuisine.

If you are having a themed party, the Chef can complement it by serving authentic recipes so that everyone will have a complete magical dining experience.

If you feel like having an Italian themed party, then AnyTime Chefs is right up your ally. We have real Pizza Chefs who can truly deliver authentic mouth-watering and freshly prepared Italian pizza.

4. Hiring a private Chef can be a call or a push of a button away.

There are online private Chef staffing services that offer customised menus with a speedy response time. This is very helpful in your planning stages to determine ahead if there are available private Chefs that you can hire.

AnytimeChefs can provide this service confidently. Give as a call anytime.

5. Hiring a private Chef means You will be PRESENT at YOUR party.

Realistically, when you host a party in your home, you are so stressed with the preparation and serving that you end up NOT ENJOYING YOUR PARTY.

What is that? You hosted a dinner just so you can watch your guests eat? You may be physically seated there with them at your table, but your mind is in the kitchen.

When you hire a private Chef, you can also be MENTALLY present at the party for your guests.

Remember, this is an intimate party, and you are the host. You are the core and heart of the event. With a professional in your kitchen doing all the fantastic work for you, you will be able to focus on your guest. You don’t have to run around asking who needs what!

Plus, you also get to enjoy the surprise of being SERVED with the meal. You sit with your guests, and you get to experience what they are also experiencing! Which is fair enough if I may say so because you paid for the party after all.

When you prepare the food that you serve at the party, sometimes you lose all your excitement about the food. Understandably so because you cooked it! Yes, cooking your own food has many rewards, but what happens then, is that you end up just FEEDING your guest, instead of PARTYING with them.

Let your private Chef take over your kitchen so you can relax!

6. A private Chef handles both the front end and back end of the house.

In the restaurant business, there is a thing we call the front end and back end of the house. The front end refers to all actions and areas that a customer will be exposed to during their stay at a restaurant, such as the lobby and dining area. In your house party scenario, this is the area where you will sit your guests for dinner.

The back end is your kitchen, where all the behind-the-scenes actions are happening!

Being able to handle the front end means that private Chefs are also able to handle things in the dining setup such as dinnerware placements and even folding of napkins. Of course, there is an art to napkin folding, and some Chefs are knowledgeable about that!

As for the back end, you will end your party with a clean kitchen.

7. A private Chef can help elevate your party.

Earlier I talked about private Chefs handling the front end. This means that your Chef is present for the party as well.

Some Chefs are skilled with showmanship that if you happen to hire one who knows how to put on a show while presenting your food, you hit the jackpot. It could be done through flambe’s or knife tricks when cutting meat.

Also, since he gets to serve the food, he is more able to talk about the menu to you and your guests.
Chefs may or may not admit it, but they like seeing people eat their food and enjoy it. They are cooking, but at the same time, they are also interacting with guests.

8. A private Chef will help you accommodate dietary needs.

Creating a menu alone and cooking for your guest is stressful, imagine adding to that the consideration for the special dietary needs of your guests.

This is most helpful when you are vegetarian or vegan, and you don’t cook meat yet you have guests who eat meat. This means that your guest will still be able to enjoy the food of their preference and not be concerned that they will have limited options. Same applies for food allergies or health restrictions.


In Summary:

Hiring a private Chef makes it easier than ever for you to entertain at home. You will save much time, which you can direct to more critical tasks such as hosting and well…enjoying your party. And once after the party has ended, you will not feel helpless looking at mountains of dirty plates in the kitchen, because clean up will also be done for you.

If this article made you interested in hiring a private Chef, please let me know. Or better yet, let us help you with your next party – intimate or not!


That’s it for this week.
As always, Professional Chefs on Call at Anytime!

Ciao for now,

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