In our industry, a typical jobseeking chef searches online for job advertisements.


Once a job ad catches their eye, they often search for more information on the company or individual who posted it. Granted, many chefs are looking for jobs right now, but not all will only focus on the money and benefits offered to them. And if the potential employer and workplace turn out to be undesirable, these chefs will eventually leave the job,  

One of the best chef recruitment practices is working with chef agencies to solve their kitchen staffing issues, whether for short-term or permanent hires. But there is a passive way that you can include in your recruitment system to help you hire the right chefs easier —- 

Showcase your workplace culture online!

Letting people have a peek at your workplace culture can provide them insights into what a possible working experience with you will be like. When done with great intention and transparency, this strategy will yield the most benefits. After all, misleading people with false information can create distrust and backfire on you.


Here are some ways to get you started:


1. Share your business core values on your website or anywhere you have an online presence


Your website serves as an extension of your business and should be the more reliable source of information about it. Ensure that you have a space or link on your website that will direct you to a page that describes and defines your company’s core values. 

Forbes Magazine reports that a positive, productive culture can make prospective employees and customers want to partner and stay long-term with you. Therefore your website must effectively define what your business cares about, your vision, mission and advocacy, if you have any. 

If you don’t have a website, include this information in your social media platforms and make it visible.


2. Check your messaging and tone


One of your goals in sharing your workplace culture online is to have potential employees, and customers connect with your business on a deeper level. For potential employees, it creates an idea of what it feels like to work for you. 

Approach this consistently from every aspect – from your website’s design/images /graphics to the tone of words or “customer language” you use. If you have established a clear business branding, make sure that the way you deliver the message is concise and connected. 

Whether your workplace culture is formal or upbeat, fun, it should reflect your messaging and tone. 

The keyword is authenticity. 

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3. Create innovative Social Media content


Social networking sites have taken an effective role in being an influential hub for the culinary industry. Many food service operations use social media as a recruitment tool. After all, most people are online for most hours of the day. 

Create short, concise and catchy videos. Most people are better able to retain most of a message when they watch it on video compared to when reading texts. Videos can be more engaging, and you make ones that show some behind-the-scenes in your kitchen or events. Use videos to feature food and services and your other team members. Videos can better depict the overall atmosphere and vibe of working for you, how your team interacts with each other and how your team provides customer service.  

Another tip is to make the most of each social media platform’s features. For example, LinkedIn allows you to create a blog post. Facebook and Instagram have images, videos, reels and stories. “Stories” is meant to be a real-time update to any event or event you and your team are involved in. Sometimes, they have a better appeal than carefully crafted posts. They give viewers (your potential consumers and employees) a better insight into your company culture. 


In Summary:


Job-seeking chefs typically look into the business/company they are applying for to understand their potential working environment. A very accessible way for them is by going to the business or company websites and social media accounts. It is a discreet way of getting an impression of someone or a company without having to connect in one way or another. And because this can be done without one party’s knowledge, there is a risk of being judged on whether a potential employer is worth connecting with. 

Strengthen your hiring game by sharing and showcasing your workplace culture online. This gives your potential employees an insight into what it looks and feels like working as part of your team. While offering an attractive salary and benefits can entice a jobseeking chef, these two things are sometimes insufficient. Especially if you need a permanent hire, you want to ensure they stay beyond the pay. 

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That’s it for this week.

As always, professional chefs are on call at Anytime Staff!

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