Short-term Chef Hire

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Short-term Hospitality Staff Hire is Ideal For:

• Peak periods, functions or special events,
• Emergency occurrences, or to cover annual leave.
• If you just need some extra help for a few number of hours per week and can’t find a great reliable chef for such short shifts.
• Start up teams for new opening venues.
• Hire a Real Pizza Chef – our pizza chefs are mostly from Italy and they are real pizza chefs not chefs that improvise a pizza chef service.
• Ensuring the sanity of your kitchen! Our polite and professional Kitchen Stewards will help your team with simple kitchen preparations: washing, portioning, weighting, labeling products, and so on. Everything you need for a smooth-running kitchen!

    Short-term Hospitality Staff Hire

    Our services are delivered by highly passionate chefs with at least 7 years experience in their profession.


    Network of amazing chefs

    • Who add value to your business.
    • Solve problems before you even see them.
    • Our network is continuously growing day by day.


    • We are committed to doing our best
    • Flexible, organised and easy to talk to.
    • Head Management made up of Chefs and Hospitality professionals, so we make sure to understand your needs.

    Experienced in operations

    • We only work with qualified chefs with 7 years of experience working autonomously.
    • Trustworthy and reliable staff.
    • Self-motivated staff who care about your business.

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