Sous Chef De Cuisine or more casually known as the “Sous Chef”, acts as the deputy to the Chef de Cuisine or Head Chef.


In French, Sous is defined as “under”. The Sous Chef assists in overseeing and managing the line cook and daily activities. They report to the Chef de Cuisine and even step up to handle the latter’s role when needed. 

You can say that Sous Chefs typically acts as the direct link between the Executive Chef and/or the Chef de Cuisine to the rest of the kitchen.

The Sous Chef varying responsibilities include:


Oversee the food preparation process within the various kitchen stations


To deliver this, a Sous Chef needs to have a good knowledge of all sections within the kitchen to supervise the various kitchen stations. They need to be able to determine if a station is failing to deliver quality and timely food. This is why a high level of attention to detail is a most desirable trait of a chef in this role. 


Cook and prepare high-quality dishes


They need to be able to prepare high-quality dishes since they are still considered cooking chefs. They remain hands-on even if they may handle some of the roles of the Head Chef. 

This skill is needed to inspire and motivate the rest of the chefs under his supervision. The Sous Chef needs to ensure that food quality and excellent standards are maintained for all dishes created.


Assist the Head Chef in the creation of menu items


Sous Chefs often contribute to creating and developing dishes that are aligned with the concept of the restaurant.  


Enforce kitchen regulations


The kitchen must meet all regulations, including sanitary and food safety guidelines. As the right-hand chef to the Head Chef, it is part of the Sous Chef’s responsibility to ensure that health and safety practices are followed. In general, you can say that a Sous Chef has to work unsupervised himself and still be able to deliver quality work. 


Assist with managing costs and product availability


In addition to managing costs through proper portioning and waste control, the Sous Chef also assist in ensuring accurate food inventory, correct ordering and proper storing of items. A restaurant kitchen needs to prevent the unavailability of product items required for a recipe. Yet, if that happens, the kitchen should still operate to cope with that hiccup either through: sourcing from other suppliers, immediate temporary removal of a menu item and offering a different suggestion. The Sous Chef needs to have a good level of numeracy to handle such tasks. 


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Train, manage, and motivate Chefs under his “rank”


The Sous Chef also adopts a leadership role within the brigade. They assist in training Chef de Partie (Line Cook) and Commis Chef (Junior Chef) while also involve in managing those in the roles of dishwasher. 

They may also handle staff and schedules. This is why it is essential that they also have leader or management skills. Such skills include having good oral communication to express the right message and avoid confusion. The right communication skill and personality can also minimise tension among the kitchen team members while in a stressful shift. 


In Summary:

The Sous Chef is a role that holds varied challenges and learning opportunities. It is a role that is directly immersed in the cooking aspect of the kitchen while handling a level of management tasks. If you are looking for a Sous Chef, find someone culinary skilled and who also embraces opportunities for self-development. It is a rewarding career that can progress as a role of the Head Chef, if desired. 

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