When you are the chef and own your business, how do you handle overwhelm with different roles?


Even just as a chef, you find yourself under a lot of pressure. Imagine having one or a couple of your chefs call in sick on a hectic day! How about late deliveries? To handle your present stress load and get ready for future stress, you need to start thinking about all these things.


Here are some tips and tricks for managing stress you can practice:


The Trinity: Eating right, Exercise and Sleep 


These are validated by scientific studies to be effective in relieving stress. Not only do they help in your physical health, but they do wonders for your psychological health too. Exercise and active activities boost endorphins and make you happier. 

Rest, relaxation, and exercise, when practised regularly, relieve stress and anxiety and is shown to improve mood. As for eating healthy, it can reduce the adverse effects of stress on your body. 


Identify priorities towards your goals.


Ideally, when you are at the level of running your business, you should already know your business goals. The tricky part is knowing which of the things you must do aligned with your plans you should do first. There are various ways online that talks about priority setting. However, the most significant step you need to do first is realizing that there are things that YOU DONT HAVE TO DO. If you are facing a daily struggle, some experts advise you to pick only three main activities for the day to feel encouraged when you accomplish those tasks. For the bigger picture, always go back to your goals and choose from the many options you have to do. The rest can wait. 

But what if you want something particular to get done. It doesn’t mean that what you want isn’t necessary. Be honest with yourself if that task is vital. If not, then you can get back to it some other time. 

Prioritize time and schedule – How often have you felt shocked that the day went by and you felt unaccomplished? Or feeling running behind schedule? Start your day early. By the time work hours start, you’re already rolling.

Rest and breaks – An often mistake that most people make is to power through the day nonstop, thinking that they will accomplish more as a result. It is a counterproductive habit that provides a short term result and will eventually come back to bite you. The burnout that will result will cause damage more than most people think. Rest and breaks will let you get more done. Finding even five minutes regularly to recharge will help keep you from burning out.


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Create space in your head 


Too much going on in your head? It would be best to find a mental dump to put those ideas and thoughts somewhere. 

A simple old-school method that still works is writing things down. When you have too much to keep track of, get a sheet of paper and list down everything you have to do. Or take advantage of the convenience of available technology such as productivity apps or software. Journalling either at the start or end of the day can be therapeutic. 

Free up some mental space, and it will also free you from the emotional energy to remember those things. 


Create boundaries 


A source of overwhelm is when you feel that your work will never end because you have to accept and take in what comes your way. Remember that it is alright to say “no”. Healthier too. You need to create and establish boundaries that matter most to you and ensure that they are implemented and maintained.


Reduce clutter


Clutter causes stress. If you’re a chef, you should be all over this point (at work), but did you know that this same approach should apply to your apartment, house, car, or any other place where you keep your stuff.


Listen to music


Music is scientifically effective in reducing stress. Turn on some music to destress you from work. It doesn’t have to be the zen-like meditational music (although that is an excellent calming choice when resting), but when you are slowing down in the kitchen with your team, play some music you enjoy. It will guarantee you feel better. 


Treat and reward yourself.


Treating and rewarding yourself is one of the best cures for stress, yet usually, people do the minor thing. It can be surprising that when you do acts of self-love, it is easily dismissed as indulgent and takes away from the seriousness of the job. 




Cultivating a grateful attitude can help reduce stress and make you happier. It can be gratifying for you and the people you work with.


In Summary:

Whichever of the above you choose to help reduce your stress levels in the kitchen, stick to them, and in a short period, you’ll notice how much better you feel.

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