Short term hire chefs are the not so secret saving graces of the food business industry.


The main problem that food businesses have, especially during these times, are staffing issues. 

Often, the owners or managers face the problems of staff quitting or not having enough staff. Sometimes, the challenges are just for a short duration, such as hours or shifts. You may not be ready to hire permanent staff, and you still need to keep down the staffing expenses during peak or low periods.

Short term hire chefs can fill in the gap for that need, and here are the scenarios when hiring them is ideal:


1. Peak periods


Peak hours ideally should be manageable in terms of anticipating the number of staff who can work the shift. That is a good sample of good scheduling right there. However, plans change. Many variables can affect scheduling, no matter how good it is. 

Yet, part of good scheduling is also anticipating how to get the staffing to fill in a challenging shift. Short-term hire chefs can be a convenient solution when you need additional chefs to carry the shift through. 

Anytime Chefs specialise in this service, providing rapid reliefs when professional chefs are needed the most. When you call and set up a discovery call, Anytime Chefs can assist you with finding temporary staff from our growing roster of skilled chefs.

Last week’s post was about the omnichannel approach, which can present a problem during peak hours when orders come in from varying sources and channels such as: from online using web-based browsers, mobile apps, third-party food delivery apps, from click & collect stores, through a QR code, kiosk inside the restaurant, in-store and traditional call-in orders. When all those orders come in at the same time, the staff can get overwhelmed, affecting the quality of service. Best to staff properly for peak hours to avoid slow service or worse, neglected orders. 


2. Short shifts or if you only need extra help for a few hours per week 


Sometimes, you may only need extra help during specific periods of the week, such as when your regular staff is unable to fill up specific shifts during the week.

Because staff costs are one of the most significant overheads for any restaurant, hiring short term staff can be your best solution. To maximise profit, you need to minimise costs as much a possible.

When determining how many staff are needed to run your restaurant, there are many factors to evaluate. The perfect staffing balance is a continuous quest that managers aim for. It requires constant observation of sales and staff productivity and making frequent adjustments. When a business is overstaffed, it can negatively impact cash flow. 

Anytime Chefs has a growing network of chefs who we can match to your needs. We ensure that the chef we match with you are skilled, flexible and adaptable to the type of service you provide. Food businesses need consistency in quality which shouldn’t suffer when you hire short term hire staff, and Anytime Chefs assures you that. 


3. Emergency occurrences, or to cover annual leave


Planned or unplanned leaves may leave you needing additional staffing to cover shifts. You need to ensure continuity and consistency in your kitchen operation when your regular staff is unavailable. 

This is especially important when chefs need to go on breaks for whatever reason, scheduled or not. Chefs are essential to your kitchen operation, and you need to have a backup plan for such a situation.

Anytime Chefs can assist you in finding temporary staff on demand. We know how stressful schedule changes can be, mainly if your top guy in the kitchen is on leave. We have a team of chefs who are experienced in various kitchen operations. We assist in providing you with the right candidate for your business to save valuable time. In this way, you can focus on other critical operational issues to ensure that your business is consistently serving quality.


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4. Special functions or Events


Events definitely will need staff. Planning for an event will require assigning individual staff to specific tasks, assessing the number and skills of your workforce to yield the best results. Important roles such as those of a chef should be filled by someone committed to the event. This job should also be confirmed before the event. It is not a smart move to make rushed or last-minute staffing decisions. It can potentially be disastrous if the person taking on this role will not be present during the event for any reason whatsoever. 

To avoid a potentially disastrous outcome, make sure that there are alternates in mind or that you can get in touch with staffing agencies to provide you with the staff you need rapidly. 

Anytime Chefs has a network of notable chefs who can add value to your business and solve problems before you even see them. Because, we know how hard it is to find, hire and train the right candidate. 


5. Startup teams for new venues


Opening new food venues and restaurants require staff who are well versed and skilled in providing the food and service your business promises. After all, this is the crucial time where you need to make first impressions. If you need to have a ready skilled team to assist you in your new food business venture, until you can create your permanent staff, then short term hires are a good solution for you.


In Summary:

Short term hire chefs are a smart solution to chef staffing challenges that often leave food business owners or managers stressed out. And it is precisely the mission of Anytime Chefs to take the stress out of filling chef positions quickly and efficiently. 

Give us a call to find out how we can support you even beyond providing short term hire chefs. We may have the solution that you are looking for.


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