Regarding cooking techniques, it is safe to say that everyone who cooks is well aware of deep frying as the means to achieve deep golden fried goodness in food.


But deep frying is not the only way to achieve a browned, crusty exterior to food. Chefs do another technique akin to deep frying but avoid some things that go along with it. Deep frying allows the food to be submerged in oil for five to 15 minutes. By doing so, the oil can seep in and saturate the food with fat. And when that is not desired, Chefs instead cook the food through Flash Frying.

Flash Frying is a high-heat deep frying technique to quickly fry minor cuts before the crust browns. The purpose of flash frying is to lock the juices and flavour in your food without too much oil getting absorbed. 

The two main things that differentiate it from deep frying are:

  1. Food is fried in minimal oil.
  2. Food is fried for a minimal amount of time.

What foods can be Flash Fried?


You can flash fry almost anything, including vegetables, seafood, meat, and tofu.

In traditional Chinese cooking, fish and meat are always coated in breading or eggs before being flash-fried. 

  • Vegetables – More porous vegetables, such as eggplants, can benefit from flash frying since they tend to soak up oil. With Flash frying, it  is not necessary to cook them for a long time which will prevent sogginess. Another option which can be done with other vegetables is to dip them in the batter, which, when flash fried, will get golden and crusty, 
  • Seafood – Flash-frying has been promoted as a healthier method of preparing fish, but a study shows no difference in the amount of oil absorbed by the fish, whether deep fried or flash-fried. Still, Flash frying is a great cooking option for fish, which can quickly dry out when cooked using slower methods., 
  • Herbs – Frying spices is the fastest way to build flavour. It’s essential to adjust the heat and frying time for various herbs because the herbs should retain their green colour and not turn brown and bitter.
  • Leftovers – Leftover food can be quickly tossed in a sauté pan, in minimum oil, for about 4 to 5 minutes but at high heat. For even cooking, avoid piling food on top of another and keep the food moving. 


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About the oil


Flash frying is done for a short time, and to achieve the right cooking outcome; the oil has to be heated at least 200° Celsius or 400° Fahrenheit. 


The right oil


However, most oils such as olive oil and vegetable shortening begin to smoke at approximately that exact temperature and some at even lower temperatures. Therefore the best oil is one with a high smoke point, like grapeseed oil, avocado oils, peanut, canola, almond, sunflower, and sesame oil. 


Monitoring the oil


When oils are heated at such high temperatures, the oil temperature must be constantly monitored to ensure that it is not heating to a dangerous level. Using the correct oil as listed above lessens the chances of the oil reaching its Flash Point, which is the point at which the oil will ignite. In high temperatures, oil splatter can occur when the moisture in food gets in contact with the oil. But realistically, splattering will happen regardless of what you fry. Therefore, fry in small batches. If the pan is too full, the oil could bubble over, potentially causing burns or kitchen fire. 


In Summary:


Flash-frying, or frying very quickly at high heat, keeps the juices inside meats and prevents food from soaking up too much oil. Chefs understand that properly fried food is not greasy at all. And although Flash frying isn’t tricky, it carries a certain amount of risk and shouldn’t be done without first learning the proper technique.

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