FIFO ((fly-in-fly-out) Chefs are an entire league of their own.


They support challenging industries where local positions are not available due to the remoteness of the location. As the term implies, FIFO chefs are flown into a worksite, usually in a remote area with minimal infrastructure and then flown out if the chef takes a leave or after the job contract has been met. 

FIFO Chef work has many benefits, such as:


1. Availability of Jobs


A quick search at the Australian job website SEEK will yield about 300 FIFO chef jobs for mines alone. FIFO is a popular working arrangement in the mining industry and hospitality resorts, construction, and oil and gas industries. That means most of these industries are regularly hiring. 

As a FIFO chef, you get to choose your employer who can offer a working environment that is suitable for you. That being said, this work will demand long periods away from home and family. If this job excites you, it will pay you benefits that cannot be found in local jobs. 


2. Schedule:


Working as a FIFO chef requires working long hours with minimal downtime. Standard roster arrangements include seven days on followed by seven days off or 14 days on followed by 14 days off.

Depending on the employers, the working hours of a casual chef are paid on-site. 

For more on a sample FIFO Chef schedule, check out one of my previous blog posts on this topic.


3. Salary:


Now, THIS is typically the biggest draw for most chefs.

The salary for FIFO chefs is usually significantly higher than average to compensate for the inconvenience of being away from home, not to mention the long hours required. 

Knowing that each site will have varying salaries, allowances, work and travel conditions, and recreational facilities is essential. 

Salaries of FIFO chefs can range depending on the client, the roster and the swing, among other factors. Casual workers who opt to work for additional paid hours and longer swings can earn more, possibly earning up to $100 000 to work 34 weeks/year. Permanent chef jobs can go even higher. 

All meals, flights and accommodation are provided, which is a great way to save money on living expenses.


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4. Impermanence: 


If you work casually, once you have completed your swing, you can look for another job if things are not working out for you at your present site. Factors such as dissatisfactory working conditions or lack of recreational facilities can be enough for you to look elsewhere. 

These are enticing reasons for most chefs to consider having a FIFO life, but you must make your decision knowing that 

  • FIFO chef jobs require extended work hours away from loved ones and families. Therefore, it is wise to secure your finances to ensure you make the most of your time away from them. 
  • That same reason for working long hours away from families and possibly with minimal recreational facilities can affect your mental health, so looking after your mental health is essential. 


In Summary:


FIFO is a popular working arrangement in the mining industry and hospitality resorts, construction, and oil and gas industries. FIFO work is only suited for some, but it can be a practical and worthwhile career choice for the right person.

Anytime Staff has provided FIFO chefs to mines and resorts in Perth and Western Australia. We know the FIFO life because we live the FIFO life. 

And if you are looking for skilled chefs and kitchen staff based in Perth and Western Australia for your staffing needs, give us a call at Anytime Staff.

We specialise in providing skilled and professional chefs for FIFO remote jobs as well as short-term hires for: 

  • peak periods
  • events/private parties and celebrations/pizza chefs
  • fill in for an emergency or annual leaves
  • start-up team for opening venues  

As part of our team, we have polite, professional Kitchen Stewards to assist you in cleaning and organising your kitchens. 

Anytime Staff can also assist you in looking for permanent hires by facilitating your recruitment process.

We also offer a Consulting Service to assist you in opening or running the cafe or restaurant of your dreams. 


That’s it for this week.

As always, professional chefs are on call at Anytime Staff!

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