The Covid-19 pandemic gutted the food and hospitality industry, and everyone needed to get imaginative when cities had to shut down.


But, as cities have opened back, the industry saw a flood of visitors getting back to the cafés, pubs and restaurants. Now, businesses need to get imaginative in the face of a different yet altogether familiar problem. Because, ironically, despite the need for staff, many restaurants are still challenged to find staff. Just last month, Australia’s top restaurants and cafes are still facing critical skills shortages. And while many business owners still do their search and hire process, others turn to reliable chef staffing agencies for help…and it could be just the smart move to make. 

Chef agencies have been around for some time, and they have been providing support to many businesses and venues that understand that attracting good staff is challenging.


The services of each chef agency vary, but for the most part, Chef agencies :


1. Help you find the chef that you need


Chef agencies can match your restaurant’s culture and skill requirement to a suited chef in their roster. A business’ work culture and environment are almost always not at the top of the areas considered when needing rapid staff relief. While some business owners would love to find an ideal staff who can blend well with personality-wise with the work culture, it is unfortunately given a pass because filling the vacancy presents a more urgent concern. 

One thing that most business owners are cautious about is paying for mediocre staff performance. When it comes to hiring temp chefs, there can be some worry that chef agencies will send them someone who may not have a sense of ownership and quality in service because of the temporary setup. 

When you deal with reliable chef agencies, you scratch that worry off your plate. They can help you meet your demands regarding expertise, culinary practices, cuisines and dietary preferences. Whether it’s a new member of staff or a temporary arrangement to cover a leave of absence or chefs for a remote location event, they can support you in more ways than one.  

Anytime Chefs’ roster of professional chefs includes talents who are experienced in various culinary operations. We only work with qualified chefs with seven years of experience working autonomously. We make sure that you get the right person for the job. Thanks to our experience as Chefs and Hospitality Owner, and due to the nature of our business, we come across amazing chefs every day that can potentially be the perfect fit for your venue. We make sure the venue and chef are matching and of course, having the right attitude is a must for us.


2. Saves you time and money versus looking for your staff


Selecting and hiring applicants takes a great deal of execution. And often, it tends to be simpler to let an expert handle the hiring process for you. When owners are busy with day to day activities of running the business,they may have no time to conduct a thorough interview. 

When hiring for a critical position, owners can benefit from the expertise of those in the industry. They save you time and money compared to them doing self-search procedures. If owners try to find a chef who needs to satisfy all their criteria, it’s tough to find the right one. Chef agencies select from a varied pool of staff with a range of experience and skills to provide the needed staffing solutions, whether it is a 5-star hotel and restaurant or a local cafe you operate. Anytime Chefs specialises in relief chefs, which means that we can support you throughout the entire hiring or recruitment process, instead of having to involve multiple companies involved to help or build your venue.


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3. Handle hiring matters in a professional manner


Not only are chef agencies great at finding new chefs with minimal effort, but they can also handle replacements with discretion. Chef hiring agencies can professionally take the matter to appoint someone as per the client’s requirements. 

Sometimes, replacing a current chef can be a sensitive situation. You can use a chef hiring agency to help you find a replacement until you are ready to make the transition. Many chef hiring agencies do not collect fees until a suitable replacement is hired. Anytime Chefs will even replace the candidate at no extra charge if he isn’t the right fit for your business.


In Summary:

We know how hard it can be to find, hire and train the right candidate. Chef agencies can be a smart option to help owners out.  Anytime Chefs can assist with finding temporary staff on demand, recruiting permanent staff, and a full consultation, including a free 20-minute discovery call, will give the solid foundation to make your venue successful and stand out from the crowd. 

Because of our services, we are the perfect entity to collaborate with over time. We can support the right temporary or permanent staff, create a new team for venue openings, or keep down the staffing expenses during peak or low periods.


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